Resident testamony: My favorite places to eat!

Therapy Spirituality 002(pictured are: L to R standing Therapist Tyler, Amy, Callie, kneeling L to R Chaplain Terry, Resident setting Dorothy H. and RSM Kirt Quick)
I left my house on December 11, 2013 to go to eat at Subway, which is one of my favorite places to eat. While driving to Subway, my daughter begin to warn me that we where crossing the centerline of the road, but I did not notice we were about to hit an oncoming vehicle. I noticed that my vehicle was tipping off in the ditch. I stopped the car. I tried getting out of the car and my daughter told me she believed that something had happen to me. My daughter made a call and got some help. The next thing I knew I was waking up in the ER. I was transported to Baptist East in Memphis, where I spent three weeks. I was discharge Jan. 7, 2014 and admitted to The Bridge at Ridgely, a skilled nursing facility. Starting over again with the help of the therapist and with God’s blessing, I have had a tremendous recover with performing my activities of daily living. While at The Bridge, I got to know the chaplain, Terry Lynch. We talked on many occasions and while talking I shared with him this story and about my favorite food at Subway. One of my goals while working through my therapy was to get to a place where I could eat that sub. Callie, my speech therapist got with Chaplain Terry and shared with him that I had met my goal and was cleared to eat what I wanted. After three months, my trip to subway was completed. I was able to receive my meatball mariner with American cheese sub sandwich compliments of the chaplain. He went to Subway, purchased the Sub, and surprised me with it during lunch on March 12, 2014.
Resident Dorothy H.
Note from Terry Lynch:
Ms. Dorothy has been a blessing to partner with. She is a very determined individual and she has been an encouragement to both other residents and staff.